The One Year Anniversary of a Dream Come True!

The One Year Anniversary of a Dream Come True!

Dino’s Backstage and The Celebrity Room was a dream of ours for so many years before it became a reality one year ago.  We longed for the days when people could get dressed up have dinner and see a show like they did decades ago.  We talked about the decor, furniture, music, food — even down to the kind of toilets we wanted.

Dino and I talked about opening a place with great food, great cocktails and great entertainment all under one roof and when Dino’s Backstage opened last summer, we had to pinch ourselves to believe that it finally came true.  Everything you see at Dino’s Backstage has a story behind it and why it was chosen.  We love talking about it so make sure to ask during your visit!

We have so many people the thank as Dino’s Backstage took a village and what a sweet village it was.  You know who you are and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Here’s to many more fabulous years at Dino’s!


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