A Little About Us

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A Little About Us

It all started with a picture…

The picture was taken in 1965 at Palumbo’s in South Philadelphia, and was of the Mother of Divine Grace church group from the Port Richmond neighborhood of Philadelphia, there to see Johnny Mathis.  Dino’s mother, Mary, was front and center.

There was something about that picture.  Everyone in it was dressed up, “breaking bread” with friends and relatives, and there to make memories.

That’s the kind of place that I wanted to go to, but they were long gone.

That’s the kind of place we wanted to create with Dino’s Backstage.

Do you remember “glamour“?

Do you remember when people went out to “dine“, and, not just “eat“?

When was the last time you got dressed up to go out for a night on the town that didn’t involve someone’s wedding, or a sad occasion ?

We’ve set the stage for your memorable evening, but what good is the “stage” without the right “cast” ?

Our thought is that when you are putting together the “staff” of a restaurant, that you are really putting together the “cast” of a restaurant, just like a long-running Broadway show.  It’s great that someone has a well tuned resumé, but do they “play well with others.”

We can easily & readily say that we have one INCREDIBLE cast.

Take a look…

Work hard and play hard.

Kenneth Kunz

Executive Chef


You never have a second chance to make a first impression.

Dino J. Kelly-Cataldi



Always be an active participant in your life!

Michael Richard Kelly-Cataldi

Co-owner, Entertainment Director


Consistency is the key to excellence.

Amor Benahmed

General Manager